Life, much like hair, is about growth. At TELETIES, we believe in the continued journey to becoming your best self, centered on good heath and a giving spirit.


With each TELETIES purchase, you help support important research and education in the quest for accurate diagnosis, prevention, and a cure for Lyme disease.

  • Lyme Disease is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the US, affecting more people each year than breast cancer, Hepatitis C, or HIV.
  • More than 200 children contract Lyme Disease every day, and has been reported in all 50 states.
  • Lyme Disease is transmitted through tick bites, leaving every susceptible, though fewer than 50% of sufferers recall being bitten.
  • The sometimes life-threatening disease produces over 300 mild-to-debilitating symptoms and is difficult to diagnose because it mimics so many other diseases.
  • The common ELISA test you receive in your doctor’s office can miss up to 50% of culture-proven Lyme, resulting in a high number of undiagnosed victims.

Wondering which size to choose?!

We recommend the Large for working out, being active and for thicker hair. Small is more popular for loose/daily wear as well as thinner to medium thick hair.


  • No headaches
  • Waterproof
  • Antibacterial
  • Does not leave kinks or indentations in the hair after use
  • Does not damage the hair
  • Strong grip
  • Comfortable and cute on the wrist
  • Looks fun and attractive in the hair
  • Comes as a pack of 3 bands
  • The large size is 6.5cm wide x 1cm tall The small size is 4.5cm wide x 0.5cm tall

Will they stretch out?
Our flexible TELETIES are designed to be versatile, stretching over your wrist, ponytails, and hair buns. Over time, you might see a slight loss of elasticity, which is a small side effect of our “no-rip” material. But no worries...TELETIES are completely shrinkable if they do ever stretch out; simply place them out in the sun, in a dish filled with hot water. The heat will cause the material in your TELETIES to shrink back to its original size. Please note** if your TELETIE is twisted, it will not go back to shape if you place in water. Please ensure it is the correct shape before placing in water.





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